Tilbakemeldinger fra våre kunder:

A. Utvik’s strategy trips

We have been with KTM from the very start for more than ten years. They know us and our needs. We want out travel destinations to not be typical big cities, but small places where it is easy to navigate and stay together.

We have had lots of fun teambuilding activities. I specially remember our Segway treasure hunt in Gedansk. The employees was divided in to teams and really got in to the competition. It was a great activity that suited everyone.

The employees are super positive to the trips, everyone loves them, also the ones not used to travel. Our trips contribute a lot to the team spirt.

Linda Josang Utvik, A. Utvik as

AOF’s Icelandic adventure

In my view, a good travel agent creates a great process with the client. My wishes for our trip was kind of obscure, but she made suggestions and I gave feedback. I gave her a challenge; I said that I didn’t just want experiences, I wanted great experiences. When she made the final draft for the program, I just replied “wow!” It has been a great process where my suggestions always are heard.

We wanted out of the ordinary experiences, and we are getting them. For instance, we are riding snowmobiles on a glacier and having lunch on top of the glacier.

Island Sigmund Fosse, AOF Haugaland

Ølen Betongs anniversary trip to Copenhagen

We went to Copenhagen for our anniversary. We wanted to go to a cosy city not too far away. We wanted the opportunity to gather everyone, as well as giving them alone time for shopping and sightseeing. We are a diverse group so it needed to be something for everyone.

We had a celebration dinner in a summer garden where the roof and ceiling came of. It was June and lovely weather and we had view to a lake. It was a great experience.

With KTM backing us up, it was no problem arranging the trip. They are professionals and suggested activities, arranged transport, found revenues we would never been able to find, made sure pople made the bus and so on. It made us able to relax and enjoy the trip.

København Turid Berge Olsen, Ølen Betong